Far Cry 4

Far Cry 4 – Mods and Stuff

The Mod Launcher:

„The Mod Launcher“ is a easy-to-handle Mod Launcher, which brings you 14 diffrent Mods for the Singleplayer and / or the powerful Map Editor.

>>  Click here for Fino’s “The Mod Launcher”

Yeti Editor Mod:

„Yeti Editor Mod“ is a great Editor Mod, which brings two Yetis from the official DLC into custom maps. It also features a new  gamemode called „Yeti Hunter“.

>>  Click here for Fino’s “Yeti Editor Mod”

Fino4 Editor Mod:

„Fino4 Editor Mod“ is a giant Editor Mod, which brings new objects like Sound Emitter, colored Particle Emitters and of course a flyable helicopter!

>>  Click here for Fino’s “Fino4 Editor Mod”

The Golden Squad:

„The Golden Squad“ is a Map-Pack, which includes five diffrent singleplayer-like maps where allied people will follow and help you through the fight.

>>  Click here for Fino’s “The Golden Squad”


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